Whilst you are planning your new property in Spain, it is always a good idea to consider to spare some time an hour a week or more to learn enough spanish to be able to communicate in the bars, restuarants and shops and as time goes on you will want to venture out into the countryside into the towns and villages where very little English is spoken, so a little spanish tuition  is always advisable if possible.  Even now we are still learning spanish as there is always something new to learn.

From mobile phones, TV installations, furniture to car hire, legal services and banking, we have built up a portfolio of various “add on” services which we will be happy to pass on to you upon request. In some instances we have been able to negotiate a special price.

As in England when buying a property there are always a hundred and one things to do. Hopefully our check list will give you an insight into what is involved whilst you are making your decision where to purchase and when to purchase and if you are about to make a purchase then this should help you to do so. Bear in mind you possibly will not need everything on this check list as it is designed to accommodate all types of purchaser.

We at Costasaveproperties have an association with Alicante airport parking  (lowcostparking) .  Clients when owning a property in Spain always have to consider either leaving a car in Spain or renting on their visits.  Our association with lowcostparking allows you the opportunity to own your own car, have it brought to you at the airport when you arrive and stored whilst you are not in the country, at a very reasonable rate.

You may also be considering renting a property in the area. We have a connection with an apartment overlooking Villamartin golf course, which is 2 beds, 1 bathroom and one of our first sales 10 years ago.  It is well equipped with solarium, in a quiet residential area, close to all amenities and walking distance to Villamartin golf course and Plaza.  Click the link here to find out more.  rental property villamartin.


Check List

  • Telephone (land line)
  • Telephone (mobile phone English or Spanish)
  • Television
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Town Hall Taxes
  • Instruct Solicitor (they will help with this list)
  • Furniture
  • Car Hire
  • Bank Account
  • Pool cleaner
  • Gardener
  • Property Insurance
  • Wealth Tax
  • Mortgage (if required)
  • Community charges (if applicable)
  • Photographs for Solicitor
Rates (if applicable)
  • Instruct Fiscal

All the above can be arranged with your Fiscal, if not arranged by her she can instruct you. In Spain everybody has to have a Fiscal, it is usually your solicitor and they look after organizing your standing orders, your payment of wealth tax which is usually minimal and their charge, which is usually around 150-200€ per year.

Download this checklist in Word format here.

Costasavepr0perties would always advise clients and prospective buyers to study the tourist information website of the area they are planning to buy.  There are lots of interesting and relevation information which can be found on the website.