Selling Procedure


As from 1st June 2013 when you put your property onto the market with an Estate Agent you need to have in place an Energy Certificate.   Also a new Habitation Certificate must be obtained if your original certificate is more than 5 years old.   We now have, as part of our team, a structural engineer who can issue both certificates and would be happy to discuss this with you at the time of our site survey.

We immediately link you into a database of tens of thousands of potential purchasers who are attracted to the opportunity of buying Spanish property at competitive prices.  With the downturn of the Spanish property market we find ourselves looking more to Spanish, French and Scandinavian purchasers.  In order to give you a better chance of selling your property we network with 20 or more collaborators of different nationalities.   This gives you a far better chance of selling your property in a difficult market.

Thousands of purchasers are able to virtually inspect your property from the comfort of their own home, before deciding to proceed to the next stage with a real inspection trip.

Our low running costs – combined with our extremely helpful “hands on” approach – allows us to pass these savings directly to the purchaser, which significantly widens the scope for those looking within a certain budget. These savings also allow you to sell your property at a much more competitive price. Our simple property acceptance form states that a 3,000 euros commission on the sale price shall be paid to costasave properties on the day of completion, at the office of the notary.  (There are times when we will charge 3% commission this is usually on a larger property but would not exceed 5,000 euros).  All our commissions are subject to IVA.

In the event of an abortive purchase by the purchaser the deposit will be non-refundable and is strictly adhered to in Spain. If the seller forfeits, they have to pay double the amount of the deposit to the purchaser.  (Different rules apply when mortgages are involved).

It always helps to have a copy of your Escitura available when our representative calls to discuss your sale. Also you must bear in mind that whatever you decide to sell the property at must include our 3,000 euros or 3% commission. This is only paid if we introduce the client and the sale gets to the Notary. You can have as many agents as you would like, we don’t expect to be Sole agents. There are no charges from us unless the property is sold by us. Obviously make yourself as available as possible for prospective viewers.  It also helps if you are planning to sell to have a chat with your solicitor prior to our visit – laws and procedures have changed in the last couple of years and this will give you the opportunity to ask the right questions and understand exactly what will happen when you secure a sale.

If you are not resident in the property all the time it does help if you let us hold a key, viewings are quite often done at short notice and key holders sometimes can be difficult to locate.  What happens is you are showing viewers around with 5 or 6 properties to hand and from the conversation transpires that your property might suit them.  Therefore, if we have a key you do not lose this opportunity of a viewing.

You are now at the stage where you have completed your sale and may find yourself wishing to transfer the money back to your country.  We, at Costasaveproperties, work closely with currencies direct and Barclays Bank and have done so for many years and find them both helpful, competitive and efficient and we are sure you will do likewise.

You are now at the final stage and are relocating back to the UK.  You may be considering taking part of your furniture, all of your furniture or just a small amount of boxes.  We over the years have had a long association with B & E Removals Limited, International Removals.  They have regular deliveries down into the Costa Blanca and would only be too happy to quote for your relocation, how matter how big or small.